Modular Cooking Range Line900XP Automatic Basket Lifting System - 200 mm (COD 206353)
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Pasta Cookers - Lifting System

Modular Cooking Range Line
900XP Automatic Basket Lifting System - 200 mm

COD 206353

Automatic programmable Basket Lifting System for 40lt Pasta Cookers, 3 lifters

Product Features

Unit may be placed on either side of the pasta cooker or in combination with a second automatic lifting unit on the opposite side to provide lifting for 6 single portion square baskets
200 mm wide automatic basket lifting system with 3 stainless steel basket supports, to provide lifting for one 1/3 basket per lifter (baskets are optional accessories to be ordered separately).
The electronic programmability and automatic lifting of the baskets make this unit a must for any kitchen wanting to standardize their cooking procedures.
Programmability and automatic lifting function guarantee repeatability of the cooking cycle, thus ensuring the same high quality of the food time after time due to the automation of the entire cooking process.
Unit can be used also in "manual mode" by pushing a button to lower and raise baskets.
Possibility to memorize up to 9 cooking times via digital control, which can be assigned independently to the single basket support.
Easy operation, automatic basket lifting can be activated through push button function.

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