WPB4900H (COD WPB4900H)
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Suspended frame, 890l, G-factor 300, side loaded pullman barrier washer extractor with fully programmable Clarus TS microprocessor

Product Features

    • Two compartment inner drum separated by a Pullman partition for the best ergonomics and mechanical action of the market
    • Automatic locking and unlocking of outer drum doors
    • Unloading by gravity, the easiest and fastest of the market
    • Intuitive programming control panel.
      • 8 colour industrial touch screen

      • Smart card reader & writer

      • Electrolux
      Professional unfolding menus

      • Choice of 14 languages
    • Automatic inner drum positioning in loading or unloading position
    • Largest doors of the market
    • End of cycle sound and visual alarm for optimum productivity
    • Pneumatic suspensions for minimum vibrations
    • Frequency control motor and Poly V belt for precise, consistent and silent rotation speeds
    • 5 compartment soap box for manual supply or connection to automatic liquid system

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