myPRO 8kg - Dryers



myPRO Tumble Dryer TE1120HP heat pump capacity 8kg

Product Features

    • Process all laundry in one go thanks to generous 8 kg capacity
    • Low operating costs.
    • Prevent over-drying of garments and save time and energy with professional Residual Moisture Control technology.
    • Extra long lifetime due to more durable machine construction with professional components.
    • No chemical corrosion: stainless steel front and top.
    • Heat pump technology provides A++ energy effi ciency
    • Meet every need with 16 programs (eco, automatic, time-based and airing programs).
    • Greater peace of mind: optional direct connection from condensed water tank to drain for instant discharge.
    • Less vibration and noise: below 66 dB, condenser and panelling.
    • Perfect for small businesses such as:
      – Small hotels and bed & breakfasts
      – Small restaurants
      – Hairdressing and beauty salons
      Sport and fi tness clubs
      – Offi ce cleaning companies
      – Out-of-home resident services
      – Restaurant chains / franchise

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