C-Flex IL flat (COD C-Flex IL flat)
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Flat Folders

C-Flex IL flat

COD C-Flex IL flat

Folder with versatile stacker position

Product Features

    • Single lane large flat folder for perfectly stacked bed linen and other large flatwork
    • Choice of stack & fold or drop stacker allowing the perfect fit always
    • Available in 3.000 mm or 3.300 mm for a perfect match with your C-Flex
    • Automatic synchronization allowing a single point of speed adjustment for your entire C-Flex lane
    • Bypassable on full width for small flatwork not requiring folding
    • Stacker on left or right hand side, front or back delivery to accommodate all layout configurations
    • Electrolux Professional touch screen control with intuitive navigation for fast and easy operation


    • Width: 4850 mm

      Depth: 2300 mm

      Weight, net kg 2000

      Height: 1700 mm

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