Modular Cooking Range Line700XP Full Module Gas PowerGrill Top (COD 371043)
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Gas PowerGrill Tops HP

Modular Cooking Range Line
700XP Full Module Gas PowerGrill Top

COD 371043

Full module gas PowerGrill Top - HP

Product Features

    • Cooking grids made in highly resistant enameled cast iron for easy cleaning.
    • Stainless steel burners with flame failure device, optimized combustion and protected pilot light.
    • Dishwasher-safe radiants removable without the use of tools to facilitate cleaning.
    • IPx4 water protection.
    • One piece pressed 1.5 mm work top in Stainless steel.
    • Unit to be mounted on open base cupboards, bridging supports or cantilever systems.
    • AISI 441 stainless steel deflective shields located below the radiants prevent burners from clogging, minimize flare ups and ensure even heat distribution (PATENT PENDING).
    • Stainless steel high splash guards on the rear and sides of cooking surface. Splash guards can be easily removed for cleaning and are dishwasher-safe.
    • All exterior panels in Stainless Steel with Scotch Brite finishing.
    • Model has right-angled side edges to allow flush fitting joints between units, eliminating gaps and possible dirt traps.


    • Gas Power: 14 kW

      Standard gas delivery: Natural Gas G20 (20mbar)

      Gas Type Option:

      Gas Inlet: 1/2"

    • Cooking surface width: 742 mm

      Cooking surface depth: 472 mm

      Net weight: 60 kg

      Shipping weight: 88 kg

      Shipping height: 580 mm

      Shipping width: 820 mm

      Shipping depth: 860 mm

      Shipping volume: 0.41 m³

      If appliance is set up or next to or against temperature sensitive furniture or similar, a safety gap of approximately 150 mm should be maintained or some form of heat insulation fitted.

      Certification group: N7EGG

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