Experience Electrolux Professional appliances with OnE 3DR

Electrolux Professional developed OnE 3DR, an Augmented Reality (AR) solution that enable users to see and interact with a life-like 3D model through a tablet and the power of AR technology.

OnE 3DR, available both for iOS and Android, allows to show and demonstrate different product’s features, by transforming them into interactive objects. Augmented reality is an interactive experience where objects that reside in the real world are enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information. This technology makes the appliances visible everywhere at will with all their details and unique features.

Electrolux Professional has been exploring the use of AR for appliances and one of the first public outings came at Clean Show 2019 in June – the key US event for the laundry and textile service industry.

OnE 3DR introduces a new innovative way to show many different products in every place you want simply through an interactive catalogue. The AR represents an interesting opportunity especially when talking about exhibitions and promotional events. The appliances may be virtually visualized everywhere, giving the customer the ability to see the product’s features at will.

Interactive and up-to-date

OnE 3DR gives much more than a 3D model on the screen. Indeed, users can interact with appliances and zoom in to see details of materials and how special features in a particular appliance work.

AR allows to be more flexible and maintain up-to-date the appliances in OnE 3DR, as Simone Palazzin, Marketing Technology Specialist, explains “We can add updates when new features are launched so the fact it is dynamic means we can always have the latest content about the appliance available.”
Electrolux Professional OnE 3DR will be on show at HOST 2019, the exhibition dedicated to the world of catering hospitality that will take place in Milan in October, for SkyLine combi ovens and blast chillers.

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