Digital Undercounterecostore HP Premium Refrigerated Counter - 3 Door, Cooling Unit Right (60Hz) (COD 710372)
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ecostore HP Premium Ref. Counters - 3 comp. with top

Digital Undercounter
ecostore HP Premium Refrigerated Counter - 3 Door, Cooling Unit Right (60Hz)

COD 710372

3-door Refrigerated Counter, -2+10°C, AISI 304, with right cooling Unit - 60 Hz


  • Supply voltage: 220-230 V/1 ph/60 Hz

    Electrical power max.: 0.27 kW

    Defrost Power: 0.27 kW

    Current consumption: 2.2 Amps

    Plug type: UK-13A

  • Gross capacity: 440 lt

    Net Volume: 271 lt

    Door hinges:

    External dimensions, Width: 1699 mm

    External dimensions, Depth: 700 mm

    External dimensions, Height: 900 mm

    Internal Dimensions, Width: 1252 mm

    Internal Dimensions, Depth: 560 mm

    Internal Dimensions, Height: 550 mm

    Net weight: 120 kg

    Shipping volume: 1.5 m³

    Depth with doors open: 1110 mm

    Height adjustment: 0/0 mm

  • Control type:

    Compressor power: 1/4 hp

    Refrigerant type: R134a

    GWP Index: 1300

    Refrigeration power: 322 W

    Refrigeration power at evaporation temperature: -10 °C

    Refrigerant weight: 140 g

    Min/Max internal humidity: 40/85

    Operating temperature min.: -2 °C

    Operating temperature max.: 10 °C

    Operating mode: Ventilated

Product Features

Tropicalized unit (43°C ambient temperature).
Connectivity ready for real time access to connected appliances from remote and data monitoring (requires optional accessory).
Combination of doors and drawers to suit any configuration need, with the possibility to change the configuration on site.
Equipped with forced air circulation system for rapid cooling and temperature distribution within the cell.
Certified safety CE requirements.
External back panel in galvanized steel.
External bottom panel in stainless steel.
Mounted on stainless steel feet to give 150 mm (-5/+50 mm) clearance for ease of cleaning the floor.
Frontal and easy access to all components in the cooling unit.
Fitted with 90 mm thickness of cyclopentane insulation for best insulating performance (thermal conductivity: 0,020 W/m*K) and lowest environmental impact (GWP=3).
Preservation performances and temperature uniformity within the cell guaranteed at 5-HEAVY DUTY (40°C) working conditions according to EN16825:2016 test protocol.
Hot gas automatic evaporation of defrost water.
0mm clearance installation space: tower configuration cooling unit guarantee performance with frontal ventilation only; this unique solution allows installation against the wall or side by side with other appliances, even on the cooling unit side to maximize the use of kitchen space.
Adjustable temperature range from -2 °C to +10 °C to suit meat, fish and dairy storage requirements.
Anti-tilt runners accept GN 1/1 containers.
Prearranged to fit RS485 port to facilitate connection to a remote computer and integrated HACCP systems.
Fully compliant HACCP digital control: when temperature exceeds critical limits, acoustic and visual alarms are activated. Up to two months of event are kept in memory.
Removable triple-chamber balloon magnetic gasket to improve insulation and reduce energy consumption and ease of cleaning.
Self closing stainless steel doors (< 90°).
Internal and external doors, front and side panels and removable worktop in AISI 304 Stainless steel.
Extractable cooling unit to facilitate maintenance.
Excellent space optimisation thanks to the compact dimensions.
CFC and HCFC free (ecological refrigerant type: R134a, - gas in foam: cyclopenthane).
Developed and produced in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified factory.
Internal structure with 15 charging positions (3 cm pitch) available to host GN 1/1 grids, ensuring higher net capacity and a greater storage space.
Ease of cleaning and high hygiene standards thanks to the rounded internal corners, the easily removable runners, grids and air conveyors.
Fault code display.
Interior base with rounded corners, pressed from a single sheet.
3 compartments with 3 doors.
Worktop in AISI 304 Stainless steel with a 50 mm profile.
Built-in refrigeration unit.
Anti-drip profile on stainless steel worktop edge.
If needed, working top can be removed for easier handling during installation (in case of narrow doors).

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