Libero Line
Paninigrill. 1 värmezon 602117
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Libero Line
Paninigrill. 1 värmezon 602117

Where to buy

Product Features

  • Finns i 3 olika versioner.
    • ribbad yta upp- och nedtill
    • slät yta upp- och nedtill
    • ribbad yta upptill och slät yta nedtill

  • Stöttåliga värmeelement inne i plattan för perfekt värmeledning.

  • Justerbar termostat upp till 300 °C

  • Självbalanserande övre platta kan justeras i olika höjder för att reducera tillagningstid och fördubbla prestandan.

  • Tillverkad i rostfritt stål (AISI 430). Tillagningsytan är tillverkad i specialbehandlat gjutjärn med livsmedelssäker emalj. Detta garanterar hygien och motståndskraft mot syra, salt och oxidering.

  • Avstängningsbrytare till översta plattan som standard.


Viktig information
  • Cooking surface dimension: 250x255 mm
  • Yttermått, bredd 260 mm
  • Yttermått, höjd 235 mm
  • Yttermått, djup 435 mm
  • Nettovikt: 15 kg
  • Plug Type 1phase: Schuko; 3phase: CEE
  • When cooking meat products, the top plate should be in contact with the food surface.
    When the machine is delivered, the steel surfaces are protected with a nylon anti-scratch film. This film has to be removed.
    The insulating materials used during the manufacturing and the residuals of grease due to the mechanical installation of single parts, heat and produce smoke, for this reason, it is necessary to start the machine at maximum temperature for 15-20 minutes.

    Clean the grill at least once a day and, if necessary more often.
    All the machine parts that are in contact with the product must be cleaned.
    Never clean the machine by means of compressed water or water jets.
    Cleaning can be performed when surface is hot, scrape with a metallic brush on the cooking grid several times.
    Empty the grease tray.
    It is advisable to perform these cleaning operaions when the grill temperature is at minimum so that the residual grease that sticks to the grid can melt.
    Do not pour water or other liquids on the grill when it is hot, because the changes of temperature can provoke their breaking.
  • Spänning: 230 V/1 ph/50 Hz
  • Total watt: 1.55 kW


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