Cylinder Type Ironer, 1910 mm working width with length folding

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Product Features

  • Certified ergonomics
    Reducing workload, easing stress, intuitive and user friendly

  • Optimum productivity
    Brilliant results with optimised staffing costs maintaining strict standards of hygiene

  • Full flexibility
    Multiple solutions designed for your specific needs"

  • Tried & tested durability
    Guaranteeing consistent results without interruption"


Main specification
  • Ironing speed, m/min 0-0
  • diameter (el/steam/gas), mm
  • Cylinder length, mm 0
  • Width: 2575 mm
  • Depth: 1070 mm
  • Weight, net kg 950
  • Weight, crated kg 1
  • Height: 1270 mm
Other specifications
  • Airborne sound level, db(A) db(A)

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