Suspended frame, 180l, G-factor 300, front loaded barrier washer extractor with programmable Clarus Control microprocessor

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Extra Spin models are robust and reliable in any type of installation which needs a basic product.


With our high efficiency shirt finishers you will get high quality finished shirts. Our presses with nickel-plated head reduce heat loss and save energy.

Trouble free operation

The special design and technical features will guarantee trouble-free operation and excellent finishing results. Our machines are provided with an anti-stretching device to protect waistband and legs from deformation when finishing elastic fabrics.

Product Features

  • Loading door either on the right or left hand side of the barrier washer

  • Perforated inner drum lifters for improved washing efficiency

  • Suspended machines to be installed without any foundations

  • High extraction force for efficient dewatering

  • Prepared in standard for automatic detergent supply

  • Large loading and unloading door for fast and easy operations

  • Clarus Control® with.
    • Fully programmable microprocessor
    • All relevant wash parameters can be programmed
    • Programming from key pad or downloading via memory card


Main specification
  • Max. capacity, filling factor 1:9, kg/lb 18/40
  • Drum volume, liter 180
  • Drum diameter, mm 725
  • Extraction, rpm 860 RPM
  • G-factor 300
  • Width: 970 mm
  • Depth: 975 mm
  • Weight, net kg 356
  • Height: 1410 mm
Floor requirements
  • Frequency of dynamic force 143 Hz


  • CAD Drawings
  • Data Sheet

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