myPRO XL - Washers


COD W1100P

myPRO XL Washer Extractor drain pump capacity 12kg

Product Features

Top durability with 15.000+ cycle lifetime:
– Built with commercial components and last nearly six times* longer than domestic washers
– Top quality SKF bearings in a heavy duty cast iron housing
– Durable 3 seals with 5 lips protect bearings
– More durable with 8-point spring suspension and premium steel counterweights
Faster and more efficient washing process:
– Larger load capacity: 12 kg
– Default 35 minutes for cold wash program.
– Save money and energy: the Smart Professional Washer with A+
– 300 G-force for greatest spin moisture reduction and faster dry time
Increased flexibility and serviceability:
– Flexible installation thanks to soft mount design and smart drain pump confi guration
– OPL as default, Coin is an optional accessory
– Optional retrofi table stacking kit for washer+dryer
– Superb cleanability with 4 fi eld adjustable wash programs
– Disinfection programs with diff erent temperature and time selection
– Real-time clock for happy hour, promotional pricing
– 2 cycle upgrade buttons enhance revenue
– Front access for easy serviceability

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