myPROzip Tumble Dryer TE1120P payment system condense capacity 8kg

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Product Benefits

Perfect for small operations such as:
– Small hotels and bed & breakfasts (guest use)
– Out-of-home resident services
– Camping, marina, petrol stations, student houses

Product Features

  • Outstanding flexibility and garment care: – Two drying temperature options (low and medium)
    – Greater peace of mind: optional direct connection from condensed water tank to drain for instant discharge

  • Triple the lifetime (Compared to domestic machines): – Extra long lifetime due to more durable machine construction with professional components
    – Less vibration and noise: below 70 dB based on specially designed transmission system, condenser and panelling
    – No chemical corrosion: stainless steel front and top


Main specification
  • Drum volume: 120 lt
  • Drum diameter: 569 mm
  • Max. capacity: 8/18 kg/lb
  • Width: 596 mm
  • Depth: 625 mm
  • Height: 850 mm

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