Modular Cooking Range Line 200 mm - 1 Well Electric Fryer 9 liter with oil pump (COD 285562)
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Modular Cooking Range Line
200 mm - 1 Well Electric Fryer 9 liter with oil pump

COD 285562

9lt electric Fryer with 1 well, 1 basket, oil pump and warning led


  • Supply voltage: 240 V/1 ph/50/60 Hz

    Total Watts: 7.4

  • Number of wells: 1

    Usable well dimensions (width): 170 mm

    Usable well dimensions (height): 330 mm

    Usable well dimensions (depth): 500 mm

    Well capacity: 7 lt MIN; 9 lt MAX

    Thermostat Range: 90 °C MIN; 185 °C MAX

    External dimensions, Width: 200 mm

    External dimensions, Depth: 600 mm

    External dimensions, Height: 930 mm

    Net weight: 35 kg

    Integrated oil filter
    Oil pump

Product Features

Internal high efficiency tilting heating elements for high productivity and ease of cleaning of internal well.
4-lights display to indicate equipment under voltage, heaters on in "eco" mode, heaters on in "fry" mode, the unit is in overheating protection mode.
Unit delivered with four 50 mm legs in stainless steel as standard.
Control knobs positioned behind the door.
Oil pump timer for temporized filtration to be set up to 5 minutes.
Integrated s/s oil filter.
All major compartments located in front of unit for ease of maintenance.
Deep drawn well.
Supplied as standard with 1 basket and 1 right side door for cupboard.
Oil drains through a tap into a drainage container positioned under the well.
Thermostatic regulation of oil temperature up to a maximum of 185 °C.
Overheat protection thermostat as standard on all units.
IP24 protected.
Exterior panels in Stainless steel with Scotch Brite finish to meet the highest hygiene standards.
One piece pressed 1.5 mm work top in Stainless steel.
Unit is 60 cm deep to give a compact working area and reduced footprint.
The unit is designed for freestanding installation having external frame closed on sides, back and bottom.
A bracket for wall mounting installation is provided as standard.
Folding lid with storage in the door.
Interior of well with rounded corners for ease of cleaning.

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