You talk…

I’d like to have a dishwasher with an appealing look&feel, less water consumption and which offers me the possibility to check its performance at all times.

…we listen.

The new green&clean Glasswashers and Undercounter Dishwashers are
modern solutions designed for Bars, Pubs, Cafès, small restaurants and QSR’s. They are dedicated to customers that highly consider design and savings without compromising performance.

green&clean Glasswashers

Fast, compact and easy to use.

Fast service, happy customers and more profit

Keep your service moving, no need to wait for glasses to cool down. Serve excellent beer fast, in cool and sanitized glasses, thanks to the extra cold rinse program*.

84 °C constant rinse temperature. Excellent hygienic conditions.

Guaranteed sanitation

Sanitation and rinse quality are guaranteed with green&clean’s Wash-Safe Control*. The Wash-Safe Control light turns green to guarantee rinsing has been performed perfectly. It maintains a constant rinse pressure and temperature of 84 °C thanks to a hydraulic system featuring a standard air gap and rinse pump.

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With the environment in mind

Low consumptions in energy, water, detergent and rinse aid. Less heat emission thanks to the fully insulated double skin construction*.

Excellent washing and rinsing performance

Thanks to double upper and lower washing and rinsing arms. Keep business moving with the cold rinse feature that gives you ready to use glasses immediately after washing.

Guaranteed sanitation

Perfectly hygienic results with Wash-Safe Control guaranteeing a constant 84 °C rinse temperature.

Easy to use and maintain

Constant monitoring thanks to highly visibile temperature display. Safe and ergonomic counterbalanced door for soft opening and closing. User-friendly electronic control with self-diagnosis.

green&clean Undercounter Dishwashers

The ideal solution for high performance and low running costs.

Savings and sustainability

Electrolux Professional offers a unique global competence in technology, design, manufacturing and service, aiming to reduce running costs with less impact on the environment.

Exceptional savings: €730* per year

Exceptional savings: €730* per year

Enjoy the 730€ * per year in your pocket thanks to the savings made in water, detergent aid rinse old and steel guarantee optimal performance.

84 °C constant rinse temperature. Excellent hygienic conditions.

Safety comes first

Sanitation and rinse quality are guaranteed with green&clean’s Wash-Safe Control*.

Bacteria and their ideal condition for growth in an environment with a temperature between 20 and 60* °C (max. 75 °C). Wash-Safe Control eliminates bacteria thanks to the constant rinse temperature of 84 °C.

The Wash-Safe Control light turns green to indicate rinsing has been performed correctly.

* On selected models

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Less consumptions, more savings

Consume only 2,5 liters/cycle and save € 730 per year*.

Low energy consumption

Total detergent removal and maximum performance thanks to double upper and lower washing and rinsing arms.

Sanitation means safety

Superior hygiene and optimal rinsing results with Wash-Safe Control that guarantees a constant 84 °C rinse temperature.

Easy and ergonomic

Safe and ergonomic
counterbalanced door for soft opening and closing with easy to grip handle.
Self-diagnosis and constant monitoring thanks to user-friendly electronic control with highly visible temperature display.

* Cost savings are calculated by Electrolux Professional Lab which is accredited by UL and Intertek. Comparison made between green&clean 11 Undercounter Dishwasher and an equivalent conventional machine using 3.5 liters/cycle per rinsing, 70 cycles/day, 300 annual working days,15 °C inlet water. ** On selected models.

Café-line: the best for your business

Cafè-line Dishwashers are equipped with high powered 9 kW boilers which guarantee a constant high rinse temperature of 84 °C throughout the rinsing cycle regardless of the network’s water pressure and temperature.
Even cold water can be used!

Keep customers and workers happy thanks to the double skin insulated door and cabinet which ensures a low noise level and less heat dispersion.

Wine-line: because we care about your crystals

Shiny glasses are the best presentation for restaurants and wine bars.
Electrolux Professional, together with the main detergent producer and leaders in water treatment systems, has developed a full solution for best glass washing and spot free drying results.

Pastry, bakery & pizza

Hand washing large items is now a thing of the past. Electrolux Professional has the perfect solution for less hard work and more free time.

A compact, high performing solution for washing large items

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