Given the way in which the wholesale price of dairy products is declining, our ability to make cost savings through such an innovative system has improved our business performance.

Paul Robinson
Woodhey Dairy, Nantwich, UK


With an in-house laundry, you benefit from 100% control in terms of quality and cost.

At Electrolux Professional, we want to help dairy farms become more sustainable and save money as milk prices continue to fall. The solution we can provide dairy farmers could save up to £1000 per month!

As the landscape of UK farming continues to change, dairy farmers within the UK are looking towards the USA and Scandanavia’s more sustainable milking solutions, involving investment into an on premises laundry, enabling re-useable udder cloths to be used to clean the herds teats before and after the milking process. As the first and currently only HACCP International certified laundry manufacturer, Electrolux Professional washers are built to the highest hygiene standards. We are 100% commited to working with farms to guarantee speed, performance and ensure the intelligent features, like the specific farm programs, are built and uphold Excellence for all customers.

Why Electrolux Professional?

One Electrolux washer could save dairy farms up to £1000 per month. One cloth lasts up to 10 months*, which makes it more economical than using single service paper towels. No drying is necessary, and with the specific farm programs to thermally disinfect washable, reuseable udder cloths, farmers can be assured that the wash, in excess of 90C, eradicates micro-organisms that can cause Masititis within the udder glands.

Woodhey Dairy

Nantwich, UK

Farm owner Paul was made aware of the of the range of Electrolux Professional laundry equipment which would enable significant cost savings through the use of reusable cloths, without compromising on the condition or cleanliness of its cows’ teats. Woodhey Dairy invested in an Electrolux Professional W5180S commercial washing machine. With a 20kg capacity and the ability to enhance its software using a dedicated farm program, the machine proved the perfect fit for the dairy’s implementation of reusable teat cloths.

“…We’re pleased with the performance of the teat wipes and would encourage other farms around the UK to invest in similar systems.”

Paul Robinson

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