WarewashingTall Pot & Pan Washer with Drain Pump & Detergent Dispenser, High Opening (COD 506063)
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Front loading Pot&Pan washers

Tall Pot & Pan Washer with Drain Pump & Detergent Dispenser, High Opening

COD 506063

Electric Pot&Pan Washer with electronic control, drain pump, detergent dispenser, high opening


  • Supply voltage: 400 V/3N ph/50 Hz

    Default Installed Power: 13 kW

    Electrical power max.: 20 kW

    Wash pump power: 2.5 kW

  • Pressure, bar min/max: 0.5-7 bar

    Water supply temperature*: 50 °C

    Washing tank capacity (lt): 95

    Boiler Capacity (lt): 18

    Washing cycle electrical elements: 7 kW

    Hot rinse cycle duration (sec.): 20

    Rinsing water consumption (per cycle): 7 lt

  • Washing cycle temperature: 55-65 °C

    Hot rinse cycle temperature: 60 °C

    N° of working cycles: 4 (180/360/540/inf)

    Cell dimensions - width: 670 mm

    Cell dimensions - depth: 710 mm

    Cell dimensions - height: 740 mm

    External dimensions, Width: 876 mm

    External dimensions, Depth: 900 mm

    External dimensions, Height: 1991 mm

    Net weight: 216 kg

    Shipping weight: 255 kg

    Shipping height: 2230 mm

    Shipping width: 1030 mm

    Shipping depth: 1070 mm

    Shipping volume: 2.46 m³

Product Features

Industrial cleaning machine to wash and sanitize protective personal equipments in steel, composite, rubber, fabric, plastic etc. from grease, residues of combustion gases, toxins etc. in just few minutes to save time and minimize contamination
Door divided in two parts with 180° frontal opening for a better and easier load.
Fault auto-diagnosis system. Self-cleaning cycle. Drain pump and detergent dispenser included.
Pre-arrangements for connection to an automatic detergent dispenser.
IPX5 water protection.
Low noise level.
Simple service from the front.
304 AISI stainless steel front and side panels, wash tank, tank filter and wash and rinse arms.
Equipped with side washing arms in addition to upper and lower wash arms.

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