Hyvolution barrier washer, 500lt with Compass Pro

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Funkce výrobku

  • Two compartment inner drum separated by a Pullman partition for the best ergonomics and mechanical action of the market

  • Large inner drum doors to make loading and unloading operation easiest than ever

  • Feature the Power Balance from Electrolux that ensures the best extraction whatever the loading conditions are

  • Automatic drum positioning and locking for the loading and unloading operation, offering the best ergonomics and safety for the operators

  • Compass Pro® microprocessor
    • Large display and one control knob for easy program selection

    • Quick selection and option buttons for the most frequently used
    wash programs and options

    • Same controller on Electrolux washers and dryers, making operator’s
    life easier

  • Automatic outer door locking and unlocking with pneumatic system for maximum easiness and safety

  • Available in electrical, steam or dual energy heating


Main specification
  • Max. capacity, filling factor 1:9, kg/lb 50/110
  • Drum volume, liter 500
  • Drum diameter, mm 920
  • Extraction, rpm 825 RPM
  • G-factor 350
  • Width: 1300 mm
  • Depth: 1345 mm
  • Weight, net kg 1170
  • Height: 1770 mm
Floor requirements
  • Frequency of dynamic force 14 Hz


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