Sustainability for the better

Grow the business by developing sustainable, innovative low-running cost solutions.

Design impact is essential

Product design influences or determines numerous environmental impacts throughout the product life cycle. The impacts are related to materials used, production and distribution, product use and end of life. As our main environmental impact occurs during the product-use phase (energy, water, detergents), low-consuming and energy-efficient products become key. We also recognize the importance of material efficiency and strive to use materials in a responsible way.

Efficient and low-consuming products

As many of our products are used in a professional working environment, the health and safety of the user is of high importance. Electrolux Professional integrates both ergonomic and safety aspects into product development.

Our main environmental impact occurs during the product-use phase. As products operate, they consume resources such as energy, water and detergents. As a result, we are determined to develop and offer low-resource consuming products, which benefits both our customers’ running costs as well as the environment. We use technology and innovation to address customer demand for resource-efficient products to minimize energy, water and detergent consumption.



Moving towards green energy alternatives

The major appliances manufacturing sites in Europe and Italy will use only electricity coming from renewable sources.

The guaranteed culture of safety. Others talk, we wrote the book.

Customers should feel safe in knowing that they are not at risk of being in contact with harmful materials or chemicals used in our products and should be able to consume safely prepared food and wear sanitized linen.

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It’s better to think of food safety HACCP international certification

In the food industry, contamination through laundry is indirect: did you know that in parts such as nuts, bolts and springs can enter food with serious consequences?

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Imagine a zero risk  workplace

Safety is not a nice-to-have option

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