Sustainability targets

Electrolux Professional has developed sustainability targets and objectives to support our priorities and sustainability strategy. Previous annual progress with regard to the defined target areas is presented in the Sustainability report 2021.

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Electrolux Professional recognizes the importance of actions regarding climate change mitigation and supports the ambitions of the Paris Agreement. We believe that we can make the biggest impact in our value chain by developing energy-efficient products and work with energy-efficiency in our operations. We also aim to actively support the switch to renewable and non-fossil energy sources.

Climate targets 2025 & 2030

Reduce scope 1 and 2 emissions with > 50% until 2025 (base year 2015)

To become climate neutral within our industrial operations by 2030.

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Knowing that our employees are the single-most important factor in achieving long-term success, Electrolux Professional is committed to continuously developing a work environment that protects our employees from work-related injuries or diseases.

Health and safety target by 2025

Injury rate below 0,3 as measured by work related accidents per 200,000 worked hours (SDG INDICATOR 8.8.1 Occupational injuries)

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Electrolux Professional values diversity and inclusion and zero discrimination and harassments. We strive to increase the share of female leaders within all levels of the company.

Gender diversity target by 2030

40/60 distribution in managerial positions

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