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Strategy and mission

Electrolux Professional’s mission is:

Making Electrolux Professional’s customers’ work-life easier, more profitable – and truly sustainable every day.

Electrolux Professional’s strategy focuses on four pillars, built on a foundation of operational excellence to improve sales productivity and cost efficiency within the supply chain.

  • Grow the business by developing sustainable, innovative low-running cost solutions: Set the pace of industry innovation in sustainability and energy efficiency, complemented with a connected and digital platform meeting customers’ needs.
  • Expand in food service chains, especially in North America, grow beverage and expand in emerging markets: Increase the global footprint and market position in selected industry verticals, organically and through selective M&A as a further accelerator.
  • Boost Customer Care (aftermarket sales) by further developing the global service network and competence as a full-service provider while increasing sales of accessories and consumables to enhance product performance and ownership experience.
  • Leverage the OnE approach: Strengthen the position as a full-solution provider within food, beverage and laundry to cater for all customers’ needs under one global brand and make customers’ lives easier in a world of connected appliances.
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