Electrolux Professional’s end-customer base consists of large multinational and regional chain restaurants, casual and independent restaurants, catering providers, leisure and lodging facilities, healthcare facilities, schools and universities as well as small businesses and large industrial customers. We supply our customers with professional grade appliances for food, beverage and laundry applications, as well as related aftermarket products and services.

We sell our products through a global network of dealers and distributors. The main differentiator of our sales network is its ability to serve customers as a single source for a broad portfolio of product categories. The products are distributed through two global and ten regional logistics hubs, with end-markets in approximately 110 countries.

Distribution per customer segment, 2021:

Well-positioned in attractive markets

Electrolux Professional’s commercial activities focus on three main geographical regions – Europe, Americas and APAC & MEA. Europe, the Americas, Asia-Pacific & MEA accounts for approximately 69 percent, 16 percent and 15 percent of sales, respectively.

Share of group sales per region, 2021:

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