The digital transformation plan is being delivered within four strategic areas:

  1. Customer experience – a new The OnE Platform
    The OnE Platform will provide our company and customers with one single platform for e-commerce, Customer care, IoT, and the performance and maintenance of appliances, as well a community platform for sharing insights and updates.
  2. Customer experience – The OnE Connected
    By using the platform, customers can monitor and steer their connected products, thereby maximizing uptime, improving service and reducing the consumption of energy, water, and consumables.
  3. Employee Experience
    A digital ambassador community has been launched to further drive knowledge sharing and learning in our organization. The next step is to strengthen our employees ability to use new data and AI tools.
  4. Automation
    The automation of our plants continues with further roll-out of a new management system and supplier portal. This will provide a common IT system for procurement, planning, and production.

Our vision

For many years, Electrolux Professional has embraced digital technologies to enhance business efficiency including new ways of working and the development of product connectivity.

E-commerce is rapidly developing, becoming the most important sales channel, further accelerated by the pandemic. At the same time, traditional dealerships are changing and direct relationships are becoming more important. In addition, process optimization and efficiency will be driven by new technologies. Also, the employee experience will be evolved through digital collaboration and improved digital skills.

Our vision is that 65% of all customer transactions are done completely digitally in 2024, which is why our digital transformation is imperative. We also aim to have 50% of all products connected.

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