Research and Innovation

The global research and development activities are fully integrated into Electrolux Professional’s operating segments. The R&D organizations are specialized according to both products and missions, aiming for less mechanical and more electronic and digitally enabled appliance content.

Our R&D efforts are focused to address several market trends including:

  • digitalization of appliances
  • appliance connectivity
  • appliance agility
  • minimizing environmental impact
  • more energy-efficient and resource-
    efficient solutions.

Our focus on appliance digitalization, connectivity and agility is centered around new technology that can improve the offering in an economically and environmentally constructive way. The ambition is to address customers’ increased requirements for flexible machines with low running costs. Lear more about our OnE Connected 

The principal R&D centers are located in France, Italy, Sweden, Thailand and the United States. Electrolux Professional contributes a significant amount of resources into its global R&D activities. During 2017–2020 the company’s R&D expenditure totaled approximately to an average of 4.2% of net sales per year during the period.

The Research Hub by Electrolux Professional

The “Research Hub by Electrolux Professional” is a technology enabling agent, bringing together universities, industry and external research centers. Within Electrolux Professional’s Global R&D, we aim to develop projects with a low Technology Readiness Level.

Learn more about the Research Hub by Electrolux Professional.

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