Research and Innovation

We want to set the pace of industry innovation in sustainability and energy efficiency, underpinned by a connected and digital platform. One of Electrolux Professional Group´s key competitive advantages is our focus on developing new sustainable and innovative products that seek to cater to customers’ needs and increase customer productivity and efficiency.

Our aim is to cater to customer needs by continuously developing new and improved products and services, thereby adding value to customers.

Part of our innovation strategy is to prioritize appliance digitalization. Our ambition is to address our customers’ increased requirements for multi-functional products, with low running costs, and reduced energy and water consumption.

Focus our R&D efforts on addressing several current market trends:

• digitalization of appliances
• appliance connectivity
• versatile appliances
• minimizing environmental impact
• more energy-efficient and resource efficient solutions.

Significant resources invested in R&D

Electrolux Professional invests significant resources into its global R&D activities, in 2022 the R&D investment was SEK 381m. From 2018 to 2022 the R&D expenditure was an average of approximately 4.4% of net sales per year.


The R&D organizations are specialized according to both products and missions, aiming for less mechanical and more electronic and digitally enabled appliance content. Our Competence centers are located in France, Italy, Sweden, Thailand, and the United States.

Innovation is carried out by 3 teams:
• Innovation HUBs that gathers, organizes and prioritizes all innovation ideas to maximize both customer and company value.
• Open Innovation manages contacts with external stakeholders such as universities and start-ups.
The Research Hub by Electrolux Professional with up to 10 PhD students working with Electrolux Professional’s Global R&D, to develop projects with a low Technology (maturity) Readiness Level (TRL).

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