Electrolux Professional’s production units operate through 13 manufacturing sites, with Rayong in Thailand, Ljungby in Sweden, and Vallenoncello in Italy, being the global manufacturing bases.

All units are organized mainly by product category to ensure proximity and agility to serve customers. We continuously evaluate our manufacturing footprint to ensure all manufacturing processes meet the highest possible efficiency, flexibility and performance standards.

Climate-neutral operations by 2030

Sustainability is a key part of our overall strategy and day-to-day operations. We want our solutions and operations to contribute to a more sustainable society. Our ambition is to become climate neutral in our industrial operations by 2030.
All our manufacturing sites are progressing with their sustainability efforts. This includes a systematic approach for a responsible use of resources, occupational health and safety, and environmental management, leveraging
a consolidated set of standard tools and methods and also promoting the highest possible engagement from our employees.

One important future priority is to reduce our impact from waste within our manufacturing. Read more in the Sustainability report 2020 

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