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Efficient use of resources

Our production system (EPS) constantly challenges the current status to achieve excellence. EPS provides a method to minimize all kinds of waste and losses in our processes and using less resources and generating less waste is good for the environment as well as the long-term profitability of the company. Our targets are presented here.

Energy: Electrolux Professional places strong emphasis on reducing energy consumption in our operations. We are constantly monitoring our performance and have developed reduction targets. The road map is based on continuous improvement activities and projects as well as investments in energy-efficient equipment.

Water: We assess our water risks according to the WWF’s water risk filter. According to the water risk assessment, we do not have high water risks related to our operations. We are taking protective measures to reduce our water footprint from our operations.

Materials: Electrolux Professional has adopted a restricted material list to restrict toxic and hazardous substances, beyond legislation, in our products and processes. This is important to enabling recycling into new material loops. All metal waste generated in our manufacturing plants is sorted and sent for recycling. Our plants also focus on reducing material losses by improving the scrap rate and utilizing materials in an efficient way.

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