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We recognize the trust we are given by our stakeholders. We seek to earn the trust of everyone impacted by our operations, demonstrating our commitment to the environment, ethics and human rights through our words and actions. Electrolux Professional is a signatory of the UN Global Compact and commits to its 10 principles regarding human rights, labor, anti-corruption and environment.

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Electrolux Professional’s mission is to make our customers’ work-life easier, more profitable – and truly sustainable – every day, We do this by acting sustainably, creating better experiences for customers and employees and always striving to improve. This can only be accomplished through our greatest asset – our people.

A talented workforce is essential for the execution of the company strategy. We strive to attract and develop hard-working, curious, passionate and dedicated employees from diverse backgrounds in terms of nationality, gender, age, experience and education.

We are dedicated to becoming a responsible employer for our entire workforce. To uphold this standard, we have established the following guiding principles:

  • Treat each other with dignity and respect, value diversity and inclusivity, zero discrimination and harassment
  • Provide employees with a sustainable working environment which includes safe and healthy workplaces
  • The right people in the right job, means recruiting top-tier talent and developing capabilities for the future
  • Attract, retain and motivate employees
  • Provide market-competitive compensation
  • Operate in an open and fair manner
  • Provide employees with a challenging and engaging work experience, with opportunities to learn and grow


Workplace wellbeing

Knowing that our employees are the single-most important factor in achieving long-term success, Electrolux Professional is committed to continuously developing a work environment that enables sustainable performance where all employees can deliver their best. Our commitment to health and safety goes beyond ensuring compliance with rules and legislation.

Anti-discrimination and harassment

Electrolux Professional recognizes and respects diversity and cultural differences. All employees shall be treated according to their respective abilities and qualifications in any employment decisions, including but not limited to, hiring, advancement, compensation, benefits, training, layoffs and termination.

As part of our commitment to having a diverse and inclusive workplace, we have zero tolerance towards harassment and bullying. All employees shall treat each another with respect, dignity and common courtesy.

Product safety, quality and compliance obligations are an integral part of product design, development and manufacturing. Delivery to customers should not occur until quality requirements, safety standards and compliance requirements are fully satisfied. We also use third-party laboratories to review products from a safety standpoint.

Electrolux Professional considers user ergonomics during the product design phase. Ergonomic appliances are designed around human functionality and to enhance the user´s natural workflow, for maximum efficiency with minimum effort. Number of our products have been certified according to an independent ergonomic standard (ERGOCERT).

An ethical approach is a way of protecting our shareholders from risks or damage. We consider the integrity of our financial statements as essential to maintain trust among shareholders (and other stakeholders). All our financial transactions must be recorded and accounted for according to applicable accounting principles set out in the Electrolux Professional Financial Manual.

Entering information in our books or records that intentionally hides or misleads the true nature of any transaction or entering misleading information in order to influence targets or KPIs is not allowed.

We expect our suppliers and business partners to adhere to the principles in our Code of Conduct and Group Workplace Policy, which similarly apply to our own operations. These policies are harmonized to fulfill demands in frameworks such as the International Labor Organization’s (ILO) core conventions and the OECD guidelines for multinational enterprises.

Supplier Workplace Standard

Requirements on our suppliers are stipulated in our Supplier Workplace Standard. All suppliers must adhere to the requirements of Electrolux Professional. Adherence is controlled through acceptance, visits, self-assessments and audits.

Requirements on sales and service partners are stipulated in our Group Workplace Policy. All partners representing Electrolux Professional must adhere to the requirements of Electrolux Professional. Adherence is controlled through agreements and visits.

Electrolux Professional is a signatory of UN Global Compact and uses the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a compass to contribute towards a better society. Electrolux Professional has a global presence and applies the same high standards and principles of conduct globally: respect, diversity, integrity, ethics, safety and environmental protection.

We always respect local legislation, utilizing the precautionary principle and endeavor to be considered as a good neighbor in the local communities where we operate.

Cooperation is essential to better understand the development and opportunities with regard to relevant sustainability issues. Electrolux Professional participates in co-operation projects, networks and forums that can generate value in our sustainability work.

The Research Hub by Electrolux Professional is a technology-enabling agent, bringing together universities, industry and external research centers. The Research Hub has close collaboration with several European universities and research centers. Together we work to strengthen the interaction between academia and industry.

To promote innovation through scientific excellence, we participate in a numerous co-funded national and international research projects, creating an arena for joint research projects.

Read more about our ongoing projects in The Research Hub project page

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