Our offering and business model

The OnE value proposition

The OnE is Electrolux Professional’s global product and service offering, with both single and full solutions and services across Food, Beverage and Laundry – under one brand – allowing customers to manage their operations through connectivity and a digital ecosystem. The OnE also includes management of the entire value chain, from project planning and design to production, installation, Customer Care and service:

Connected solutions and the The OnE dashboard provide customers with full control of their complete kitchen and laundry operations, from one single point they can remotely control the performance.

Customer care
Our innovative service offering, Essentia, addresses the demand for subscription models and service agreements, addressing an increased demand for “peace of mind” and comfort.

Project capabilities
Management of the entire value chain, from project planning and design to production, installation and Customer care.

Electrolux Professional is currently the only global player that offers food, beverage, and laundry equipment under one brand.

Our Business model

  1. Product development and innovation of smart products offering sustainable solutions
  2. Customer Care and Aftermarket Sales of chemicals, accessories, spareparts and consumables.
  3. Sales mainly through dealers and distributors.
  4. Marketing with a focus on making our customers’ work-life easier, more profitable and truly sustainable.
  5. Production – a world-class manufacturing with a focus on lower environmental impact and an excellent working environment
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