Management remuneration policy

Remuneration guidelines for executive management are resolved upon by the AGM. The Group management team consists of the CEO and ten other members. The remuneration terms shall emphasize ‘pay for performance’ and vary with the performance of the individual and the Group. The total remuneration for the Group management team shall be tied strongly to the position held, be in line with market practice and may comprise the following components:

  • Fixed compensation.
  • Variable compensation.
  • Other benefits such as pension and insurance.

Following the ”pay for performance ”principle, variable compensation shall represent a significant portion of the total compensation opportunity for group management. Variable compensation shall always be measured against pre-defined targets and have a maximum above which no pay-out shall be made.

The Reumuneration guidelines for the executive management  was adopted by the Annual General Meeting 2020 and can be found here Remuneration guidelines for Executive Management Team 2020

Remuneration reports

The Electrolux Professional Group Remuneration report is included in the Annual report that can be found here.

Electrolux Professional Group Remuneration report 2023

Electrolux Professional Group Remuneration report 2022

Electrolux Professional Remuneration report 2021

2021 Remuneration to Executive Management

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