Inside transactions

Transactions performed by persons discharging managerial responsibilities (PDMR) are registered in accordance with the EU regulation on market abuse (Mar) in the PDMR register of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Sw. Finansinspektionen), but the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority do not keep a list over the holdings. As a service, Electrolux Professional therefore keeps a list available of both PDMR’s holdings and their transactions with Electrolux Professional’s shares. If no changes stated, holdings in below list is on the 28 February, 2021.

Shareholdings* Latest change
Name Position A-shares B-shares +/- Date
Kai Wärn Chairman of the Board 104,000
call options issued by Investor AB
 +778,816 14 May, 2020
Lorna Donatone Board member
Hans Ola Meyer Board member 9,000 +9,000 30 October, 2020
Daniel Nodhäll Board member 20,000 +4,000 4 February, 2021
Martine Snels Board member
Carsten Voigtländer Board member
Katharine Clark Board member
Ulf Karlsson Board member, Employee representative
Joachim Nord Board member, Employee representative 110
Per Magnusson Deputy Board member, Employee representative
Alberto Zanata President and Chief Executive Officer 114,803 +75,000 25 March, 2020
Fabio Zarpellon CFO 5,944
Pia Hovland CHRO 1,882 30, October 2020
Jacob Broberg SVP Investor Relations and Corporate Communication 10,000 +3,000 2 November, 2020
Torsten Urban SVP Product and Marketing 5,214
Paolo Schira SVP Business Development 7,330
Philippe Zavattiero SVP & GM Europe since 2013. 8,084
Douglas Walker SVP  GM APAC & MEA 4,385
John Evans SVP & GM Americas 4,240
Carlo Mario Caroni COO (Operations & R&D) 10,972
Guilhem Senegas Chief Information Officer (CIO)

*Own holdings and holdings of related persons and affiliated companies.

Shareholdings* Latest change
Name Position A-shares B-shares +/- Date
Insider transactions 2019-10-16T08:14:09+00:00 Electrolux Professional