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Internal audit

The Group Internal Audit function provides independent, objective assurance designed to add value and improve Electrolux Professional’s operations. Group Internal Audit assists Electrolux Professional in accomplishing its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluating and improving the effectiveness of the organization’s governance, internal control, and risk management processes.

Group Internal Audit assignments are conducted according to a risk-based plan developed annually and approved by the Audit Committee. The audit plan is derived from an independent risk assessment conducted by Group Internal Audit to identify and evaluate risks associated with the execution of the Company’s strategy, operations, and processes.


The audits are executed using a methodology for evaluating the design and implementation of internal controls to ensure that risks are adequately addressed, and processes operate efficiently.

Audit reporting

Opportunities for improving the effectiveness of the governance, internal control, and risk management processes identified in the internal audits are reported to management for action. A summary of audit results is provided to the Audit Committee, as is the status of management’s implementation of agreed actions to address findings identified in the audits.

The Head of Group Internal Audit reports to the Audit Committee and is managed administratively by the CEO.

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