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Financial goals

Electrolux Professional’s goal is to create value for its stakeholders through profitable growth. This is targeted to be achieved through continued growth, operational excellence and capital efficiency by capturing increasing market demand in selected verticals and resilience in the aftermarket business. The Board of Directors of Electrolux Professional has adopted the following medium-term financial targets:


Target Description Average performance 2017–2019 Outcome 2020 Comment 2020
Sales growth Organic annual growth of more than 4 percent over time, complemented by value accretive acquisitions. 3.1% -21% The pandemic had a hugely negative impact on the hospitality industry, thus sales of Food & Beverage declined by 28%, while Laundry was more resilient with a sales decline of 9%.
EBITA margin EBITA margin of 15 percent. 13.1% 6.3% The pandemic had a hugely negative impact on sales volumes. Short-term and structural cost-saving measures only partially mitigated the sales decline.
Operating working capital Operating working capital below 15 percent of net sales. 15.9% 19.9% The increase in working capital as percent of net sales is due to accounts receivables and inventory decreasing at a lower rate than the decrease in net sales.
Net debt/EBITDA Leverage ratio below 2.5x Net debt/EBITDA. Higher levels may be temporarily acceptable in case of acquisitions, provided a clear path to deleveraging. 0.8x The net debt/EBITDA ratio was 0.8 at the end of 2020 which means that we are better or in line
with our target. In total, net debt decreased from SEK 1,025m on December 31, 2019 to SEK 549m as of December 31, 2020.

Dividend policy

Approximately 30% of the annual income of funds legally available for dividend payouts. The timing, declaration, and number of future dividends will depend on the company’s financial situation, earnings, capital requirements, and debt service obligations. Comment 2020: Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the Board proposes no dividend to be paid for 2020.



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