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Environmental management

We place strong emphasis on reducing the environmental impact of our business activities. The environmental performance of our operations is improved through reduced use of energy, water and materials as well as minimizing our impacts from waste, emissions and chemicals. Our Group environmental commitment is outlined overall in our Code of Conduct, Group Work Policy and Environmental Policy. More detailed requirements of our sites are described in our Group Workplace Directive and in our internal management system.

Management system certifications

Electrolux Professional has group-wide policies, targets and a management approach with regard to environment and health and safety. Policy requirements are stipulated in the environmental and workplace policies. More detailed requirements are described in the workplace directive. Some parts of the organization hold certified management systems within Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety and Energy. Electrolux Professional has signed a global agreement with DNV to provide all management system audits. Electrolux Professional has a minimum requirement that all sites must hold certificates according to ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. Logistics, manufacturing and R&D at the sites below hold a third-party certificate according to the indicated standard.

ISO 14001 Certifications

Our target is to ensure that all of our logistics, manufacturing and R&D sites should have a third-party certificate, according to ISO 14001. Numerous sites also hold a certificate according to the energy standard ISO 50001. The sites report progress to our central sustainability function. Adherence to our central policies is controlled through internal and external audits.

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ISO certifications of Electrolux Professionals operations
ISO 14001

Workplace directive

The Group Workplace Directive stipulates minimum requirements for our operations regarding:

  • Legal compliance: The operational unit shall identify and comply with all legal environmental requirements, including, but not limited to, air emissions. water emissions, ground and groundwater contamination, noise, purchasing, handling, and use of chemicals, hazardous and non-hazardous waste.
  • Chemicals: The operational units should adopt measures to control handling of chemicals. Electrolux Professional has further developed a restricted material list , to control chemicals that are banned, restricted for use or substances that could potentially be of concern.
  • Waste & hazardous waste: The operational units monitor waste to prevent environmental and health and safety risk related to the handling, storage and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. Our ambition is to reduce the amount of landfill from our plants.
  • Wastewater: The operational units ensure that wastewater is properly treated in accordance with legal requirements, such as environmental permit conditions, or discharged to an authorized external wastewater treatment facility.
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