An engaged workforce

A talented and engaged workforce is essential for the execution of the company strategy. We strive to attract and develop committed, curious, passionate, and dedicated employees from diverse backgrounds in terms of nationality, gender, age, experience, and education. We are dedicated to being a responsible employer for our entire workforce.

Our guiding principles

During 2021 we launched our Guiding Principles to support our mission and strategy by giving direction to our behaviors. It is important for us to clearly state the behaviors we want to see to drive the company identity and culture. Our Guiding Principles are:

  • Be customer obsessed
  • Build trust
  • Be bold
  • Act sustainably

Employee surveys

We run a company-wide extensive Employee Engagement Survey (EES) annually, as well as quarterly one-question engagement surveys, Employee Net Promoter Score surveys, (eNPS).

Employees in numbers 2021

On December 31, 2021 Electrolux Professional had 4,015 employees in 33 countries. We have 12 manufacturing sites including R&D centers. The biggest countries in terms of number of employees are Italy, the US, and Sweden. The number of employees increased substantially in the US when Unified Brands was acquired in December 2021. The Electrolux Professional headquarters are located in Stockholm, Sweden.

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