We are proud to support the Electrolux Food Foundation, an independent, non-profit organization that supports initiatives to inspire more sustainable food choices among consumers and professionals, and to support people in need in the communities around us.

Since food is a major battleground in the fight against climate change, the foundation’s focus is well aligned with the Electrolux Professional commitment to contribute to change through the Sustainability committment, that supports the UN Agenda 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals.

Electrolux Professional on World Food Day

On the World Food Day on October 16, Electrolux Professional is bringing the importance of reducing food waste to the fore both supporting the Electrolux Food Foundation new “replate.com” initiative as well as push forward the Electrolux Professional “Zero Waste All Taste”.


Electrolux Professional’s support leads to the Red Cross


Create awareness: Eat more plants, Try new things, Waste less.

Projects funded or co-funded by the foundation and built on employee initiatives. In 2020, the foundation donated 800,000 meals in total.

Food meals and basic provisions support for people in need around the world.

This most recent initiative by the Electrolux Food Foundation is an online exhibition launching in April 2021 to educate and inspire people to make the shift to sustainable food habits, raising awareness and making relevant data and information engaging, accessible, which leads to action.

“Like a chef” – training programs

Culinary trainings for employment and entrepreneurship. A chef´s collaboration with World Chefs with a four-week culinary training course on sustainable cooking.



Food Heroes is an engagement and educational initiative for kids to inspire the next generation to eat more sustainably and teach them about the important relationship between food and the welfare of our planet.

What is Electrolux Food Foundation?

The Electrolux Food Foundation was established in 2016 to focus the company’s support activities on food and related sustainability issues. The foundation brings initiatives to life by supporting them with funding and resources.

The purpose is to inspire sustainable eating and cooking habits among consumers and professionals and to support people in need through education and emergency relief efforts. The foundation supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for Responsible Consumption and Production (#12) and Global Partnership for Sustainable Development (#17).

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