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Board remuneration

Remuneration to Board members is proposed by the Nomination Committee and resolved by the Annual General Meeting. Members of the Board employed in the Group shall not receive any Board fees.

The Annual General Meeting 2023, approved the following fees to members of the Board of Directors elected by the Annual General Meeting and members of the Board’s committees:

Chairman of the Board: SEK 1,680,000
Board members: SEK 560,000
Chairman of the Remuneration Committee: SEK 115,000
Members of the Remuneration Committee: SEK 85,000
Chairman of the Audit Committee: SEK 175,000
Members of the Audit Committee: SEK 115,000

In addition to these fees, the Annual General Meeting resolved on an additional fee of USD 4,000 per meeting to be paid to each Director that resides outside Europe for attendance at ordinary physical Board meetings in Sweden or Italy.

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