Acquisitions and divestments

Date Company Business Net sales (Year ahead of acquisition) Number of employees
2021 Unified Brands


US-based manufacturer of food-service equipment Press release December 1, 2021  SEK 1,134m (2021) 600
2019 Unic SAS


French producer of professional espresso coffee machines

Press release March 25, 2019

EUR 20 m 130
2018 Schneidereit Professional GmbH


German laundry rental Business

Press release January 22, 2018

EUR 18 m 110
2018 SPM Drink Systems


Italian manufacturer of professional dispensers of frozen and hot beverages and soft ice-cream

Press release October 2, 2018

EUR 29 m 110
2017 Grindmaster Cecilware U.S. based manufacturer of hot, cold and frozen beverage dispensing equipment, including coffee machines USD 65 m 200
2015 Veetsan Manufacturers of professional dishwashers in China RMB 86 m 200


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