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FAQ – myPRO Dryer

My dryer does not heat up

Please check that the condense unit and filters are clean, and also check the half-load button (see user manual for details).
If the half-load button is NOT depressed and the problem is still occurring, the heating element may be defective, in which case it needs to be inspected/repaired by a Service Engineer.

My dryer runs through the programme very quickly

If the time programme is working properly, there may be a problem with the moisture measurement system. This can be caused by:

  • the appliance not being earthed correctly (or at all);
  • the measurement ribbon located in the front gable of the drum being dirty. The drum and ribbon can be cleaned with cleaning vinegar.

My dryer’s drum does not rotate

Please make sure the transport safety device is removed from the drum before first use.
If the motor is running, there may be a problem with the cord or felt band. This has to be inspected/repaired by a Service Engineer.

Can I reverse the door of my dryer?

Yes, although this does not fall under the guarantee.
You can do this yourself – it is described in the user manual, and there are also tutorial videos.

My dryer displays the error message “C7”

Reaching the right temperature is taking too long. There may be a problem with the heating element. Check that the lint filters and condense unit are clean:
If they are clean and the problem continues, contact the Service Center.

There is condensation on my dryer

The room in which the appliance is located may be too small with not enough ventilation.

My dryer will not start

Please check that the loading door and air filter are in right possition .
If no LEDs are illuminated or the display is dark, check whether the machine is receiving power from the mains power socket. If an LED is lit, this can indicate an error – see also the user manual.
You may not have pressed the start button long enough. Reset the appliance by turning the programme selector to “0”. Wait 10 seconds, then turn the programme selector to your chosen programme and depress the start button for 5 seconds.
If the ambient temperature is low, the appliance may have been stopped by the freezing safety device (this can also be indicated by all LED lights flashing), a safeguard that stops the appliance being used at temperatures lower than +5°C. Increase the ambient temperature or relocate the appliance to a warmer area. If the temperature is not below +5°C, the appliance should be checked by a Service Engineer. Please click the “Ask for an expert” button on the left of the screen for information on how to book an engineer.
If your model has the water reservoir at the bottom:
Your model does not have a drainage pump, so water must be able to flow off naturally. If the tumble dryer is connected to the drain via a hose, this may not have been done properly – there may be a loop in the hose, or it may not have been shortened. See user manual for details.
If your model has the water reservoir at the top:
Make sure the appliance is connected to the drain and there is water in the reservoir.
If your model is fitted with a pump, the drainage hose must be connected to the red hose (at the top) and not to the outlet at the bottom. Make sure the drainage hose is shortened to the right length and there are no loops in it. See also the user manual for details.

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