People of Professional: Simone Di Lenardo

Proud to be part of a global Group where different cultures co-exist and grow together.

In a global organization, moving countries and even crossing continents isn’t unheard of.  Our Head of Quality in Sursee has done that and more, taking on new roles and developing his career from one place to the next.

Simone’s tenth year at Electrolux Professional is a significant milestone for him to reflect on an exciting and remarkable journey.

Tell us about your career at Electrolux Professional to date
It starts back in 2009 when I had the opportunity to undertake the Engineering Master’s degree thesis during a one-year internship at Professional HQ in Vallenoncello. I stayed on working with the EPS central team and I was involved in several continuous improvement projects in the production area. 2014 was a fantastic year when I had the chance to move to Thailand as Supply Chain Manager for the Rayong factory. A completely new role for me in a different culture and latitude.

There I discovered what adaptability means and developed new knowledge. Looking back over those years I have fantastic memories; it was hard work and a memorable journey. Three years later, I moved to Shanghai and worked at our newly acquired plant to help transfer know-how in the supply chain, logistics and planning. Returning to Vallenoncello in 2018 has been fundamental for a deep dive in Central Cost Controlling, before changing track again and now being in Switzerland. I can definitely say I have been on an exciting journey!

What are you most proud of?
Proud to be part of a global Group where different cultures co-exist and grow together. A company that encourages change and to develop professional and personal experience within different countries. Moreover, I am proud to be inspired by a large number of fantastic people.

Learning opportunities are everywhere, and multiple experiences allow me to create a toolbox, together with discovering personal strengths and weakness. Moving out of my comfort zone and developing adaptability has helped me through this journey.

What are the most important factors for you in terms of learning and development?
Respect is number one. Without it you are not in a position to listen and ultimately learn. Secondly, curiosity is key – it generates enthusiasm that creates so much energy. Developing an entrepreneurial spirit is important as well – taking decisions as if it is your own company. Seeing your strengths and being open to see opportunities to improve.

What keeps you motivated in your work?
Constantly finding new opportunities and ideas for improvement – both when thinking about ways of working and creating a better experience for our customers. What a great purpose to keep looking every day to improve something when you go to work! It doesn’t necessarily have to be big – just try to do something better than the day before.

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