People of Professional: Marco Pesce

Working for an international company gives you the opportunity get out of your comfort zone in many ways. Moving around the world to take up a new position can be as rewarding as it is challenging.

Marco Pesce, Region Head of South-East Asia and India at Electrolux Professional, should know. He’s worked in four far-reaching countries to date in a company career spanning 13 years.

Tell us briefly about yourself and your career

I am originally from Italy, not far from Pordenone, where Electrolux Professional has its headquarters. I started working there in 2005 as a Junior Area Manager and have spent my entire career in sales and managing emerging markets. I left Italy 10 years ago, when I was offered the chance to be Country Manager for India. From there I moved to Chile, Dubai and now I am based in Singapore.

What are you most proud of?

Whilst in India we developed the Tandoor Concept, cooking traditional Indian cuisine on our equipment. We were the first manufacturer to do that; changing our approach, how to sell our equipment and it was appreciated by the market. It was a great achievement when we received the endorsement from the Indian Federation of Culinary Associations and after many years the concept is still around.

What has been your most challenging task and biggest learning?

Moving from India to Chile was complicated. I had never been to Chile before and it was a completely new work environment to adapt to. I tried to forget what I was used to do and embrace a completely different style. Initially, it wasn’t easy but I still consider it one of my best experiences in the company. I came to understand what it means when things change fast and I learnt there is no other option than to react with equal speed.

What conditions are most effective for your learning and development?

Not everything we do is perfect and sometimes we make mistakes – it’s about recognizing them. There are easy questions like: What can I do about it? and How can I make it tangibly better? Recognizing a mistake is hard work, requires patience and it’s where an effective team is successful. Colleagues can play a role in creating a positive environment to accept and learn from mistakes and the key for that is every problem has a solution.

What gives you energy and keeps you passionate?

I naturally like challenges and I am not afraid of risks. I get energy from new tasks and anything new arriving excites me. I plan a lot and set goals and targets to ensure I don’t get stuck in routines.

Tell us something your colleagues might not know!

I am vegetarian and a daily practitioner of yoga. I started yoga whist working in India and previously knew nothing about it. I took to it from day one and today it’s a complete lifestyle, from what I eat to how I handle things. It has really helped me physically – I am more flexible now than when I was a teenager – and at the same time gives me a more stable and patient mindset.

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