People of Professional: Dorothée Millon

An opportunity to learn to manage an international team.

Our Field Quality Manager in Ljungby took a chance on uprooting from her home country to pursue her studies and stayed to develop her career. 

Now Dorothée manages an international team from Professional’s laundry hub in southern Sweden.

Having grown up in France, tell us a little about your journey to Sweden
My family originate partly from France partly from Eastern Europe and as a student, I wasn’t sure what kind of profession to aim for but I knew I wanted to evolve in an international environment.

I arrived in Sweden for a one-year study program. Why Sweden? I’m not really sure; I didn’t know much about the country but had a good feeling and it turned out to be the best decision I ever made.

How has your career developed at Electrolux Professional?
I started at Professional’s Logistic Centre in Ljungby in 2008 with experience of working in the Supply Chain Department of a Swedish paper mill. After a year, I became Product Manager for Spare Parts and learned a lot about our international dealer network.

Accepting the position in Quality literally turned my professional life upside down. I was not only entering a new department, but I was also giving the opportunity to learn to manage an international team. What a challenge! Electrolux gives me the possibility to evolve, to learn, to take responsibility and to meet new people. I value these opportunities.

What are your biggest learnings from moving to and working in a new country?
I have learned to be open-minded. Two people following different paths to achieve the same goal does not necessarily mean one is better than the other. Rather that they are thinking, planning and implementing in different ways.

Diversity is an advantage since it offers you the possibility to learn more and I think integration is important when moving to a new country. For me, learning Swedish was mandatory to understand fully the Swedes, their culture, their way of living and working.

However, I remain French! While Sweden celebrates Crown Princess Victoria’s birthday on July 14 every year, I am celebrating France’s National Day.

Do you have a favourite quote or saying?
Well, my son once told me something that I always keep in mind. He was four years old and fed up that his sister who was two years older always seemed to have the last word. He looked at me and said in Swedish: “Next time I want to be born first.” When you are four years old, everything seems possible. I sometimes wish that we adults could think in the same way.

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